The art of birth photography is a slowly growing movement across the globe and more recently in the United Kingdom. As more photographers enter into this genre there has been an ever-growing need for a community and platform for photographers to join together and be represented and supported. Along with this growth, a demand has developed for expectant parents, publications, and other birth professionals to find professional birth photographers who deliver an exceptional level of photography and service.

In birth there are many moments that only happen once and in that moment a thousand memories are created. These occasions are there to look back on, filled with emotion that leaves a marked place on our hearts.

Photography, throughout time, has played an integral part of capturing those moments. It is expected to see a professional photographer at weddings, graduations, and of course that first school photo. Until recently, documenting birth has been excluded from that list, yet of all the moments in life, this is one you can guarantee is a one time only event.


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Hannah Palamara

Hannah lives in Kent with her husband and three children. She fell in love with birth photography after the birth of her third child in 2013 and has since built up a strong business as well as a community of birth photographers within the UK. As owner of UKPBP Hannah continues to invest in the community's knowledge and growth. Hannah has had her work featured in publications all over the world and continues to help grow the industry within the UK. Hannah loves to capture the raw and fierce moments in birth as well as the true beauty in the moments between new families.
As well as being a birth photographer and videographer, Hannah loves to photograph maternity and all aspects of women and mothering. She is also a doula and has a strong passion in supporting couples to make informed choices around their births.