Episode 2. How I got this shot.. Monet Nicole


This week we are sharing the incredible work of Monet Nicole Births

Monet has documented over three hundred births in the town of Denver Colorado and is one of the worlds leading birth photographers. She is also the creator and one half of Birth Becomes Her an international platform sharing birth photography and educating birth photographers around the world. Monet is also a mother to two little girls. 


Monet's Words 
"Wow, this was such an exhilarating moment! Mama had been pushing so hard, and when babies head came out, it took quite some time before the body was born. She had to push with all her might, and we all found ourselves cheering her on. When the baby came on her chest, I caught her reaction (as I always do!) but I happened to spy big sister in the corner with the BIGGEST grin on her face. I knew I had to capture her expression in all of it's fullness while also keeping the context of the story (in other words, mama loving and clutching her new baby). 
I bounced flash, which helps free motion, so my shutter speed was 1/250. My ISO was set at 1000, and my aperture was 3.2. I focused on big sister's face and made sure that you could still see mom and dad in the background. I just adore the result. It's one of my favorite birth shots I've ever taken! I'm so glad I stepped away from mom and baby to see everything else unfolding around me. "

To see more of Monet's work you can catch her at